VFC launch Cherry Blossom Kit in collaboration with the Pink Shirt Day campaign

It’s a quintessential day as winter winds down in the Lower Mainland. A gentle rain drizzles upon a dark, cold backdrop.

And then, just like that, there’s something in the air.

With a slight change in temperature comes the explosion. Of white. Of pink. Of spring. Of hope. The streets of the Lower Mainland are suddenly lined by the delicate buds of pastel blooms. The dreariness of winter is gone, and our community comes alive among the range of pink hues. The return of the cherry blossom trees, a phenomenon that has graced the area for more than 60 years and is a must-see for us locals and visiting tourists alike, marks a fresh start for us all.

This picturesque scene, one so familiar to everyone in our community, is the canvas from which Vancouver Football Club drew in creating the 2024 Cherry Blossom Kit, which we proudly unveil on Wednesday.

The Kit: The vibrant trees surrounding Vancouver Football Club, and their cascading pink petals of cherry blossoms, provided the inspiration for our club’s new alternate kit. The blossoms symbolize new beginnings and vitality, aligning perfectly with our club’s renewed aspirations as we line up with a newly-assembled squad for the 2024 Canadian Premier League season.

Each location for the kit reveal was chosen with precision, scouted to highlight the diverse beauty of the cherry blossom trees. Some trees are small, some tall, some with deep pink hues, others almost white. Each tree is as unique as the community it thrives in. From the blossoms lining the streets of East Van to the picturesque picnic spots in Queen Elizabeth Park; from the stunning backdrop of the Museum of Vancouver’s art deco architecture to the whimsical setting at Larry Berg Flight Park; and, finally, to the breathtaking ocean views at Gerry Point. Each location offers a distinct display of beauty that is reflected in our unique new jersey.

But it is not just visually appealing; the Cherry Blossom Kit also makes a meaningful impact. A portion of the proceeds from each jersey will be donated to The Pink Shirt Day campaign here in Burnaby, to support their efforts in combating bullying in sports, schools, and all aspects of the lives of young people.

“This kit is our very own pink shirt for 2024, and we hope people wear it with pride to support their club and contribute to a greater cause,” said Stephanie Wood, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development for Vancouver FC. “Not many people know the story of how Pink Shirt Day originated. It started here in Canada, and we hope to keep that spirit alive by using our platform for positive change.”

The blooming of these blossoms not only signifies the arrival of spring but also marks the kickoff to the Canadian Premier League season. VFC is thrilled to celebrate the 2024 season alongside fans old and new.

Make sure to catch all the action and see the new Cherry Blossom kit up close as we kick off our second season on Sunday, April 14. Get your jersey now!